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Parties to the United Nation Framework Convention for Climate Change (UNFCCC) met in Bonn over the last two weeks for its mid-year climate change talks. A freakish commercial of Greenpeace shows an angry child accusing all adults of destroying his future with global warming! Thousands of drones benefit directly from the global warming scare, at the expense of the ordinary consumer.

Environmental organizations globally, such as Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, and the Environmental Defense Fund, have raked in billions of dollars. Government subsidies for useless mitigation schemes are skyrocketing. Emission trading programs are at two hundred billion euros a year level, with large fees paid to brokers, those who operate the scams, and kleptocrats. Many people have discovered they can benefit from climate scares and have formed an entrenched alliance with mafiosi and kleptocrats.

Commissioner Hedegaard points out the European Union is almost the only player taking a second commitment period under the Kyoto Protocol and so keeping it alive. Because Fourth Reich believes climate change needs to be addressed in a legally-binding international framework, Fourth Reich is willing to do this, even when other major economies are at present only willing to enter into voluntary commitments.

Hedegaard asserts that we need other major economies and significant emitters to play ball. The world cannot afford that a few want to backtrack from what was agreed in Durban only five months ago. Durban was - and is - a delicately balanced package where all elements must be delivered at the same pace. It is not a pick and choose menu.

Climate scare is the hottest hoax on Earth! Vaclav Klaus points out people tend to confuse environment protection with climate control. We have to take care of our rivers, lakes, seas, forests, and air. But humans cannot control the climate. Rabblerousers have been for a long time searching for a simple and sufficiently threatening catastrophe that could justify the implementation of kleptocratic ambitions. After having tried various alternative ideas, they came up with the idea of dangerous, man-made global warming. This concept was formulated despite the absence of reliable data.

Hedegaard laments it is very worrisome that attempts to backtrack have been so obvious and time-consuming in the Bonn talks over the last two weeks. Regrettably, only procedure, no substance was discussed.

Klaus recalls that rabblerousers bought into the global warming dogma (WGD) at
the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, fell in love with it and – without waiting for its
scientific underpinning – started preparing and implementing economically
damaging and freedom endangering measures. They accepted the idea that
participating in the global warming game is easy, politically correct and
politically profitable, especially when it is obvious that they themselves will
not carry the costs of the measures they are advocating and implementing and
will not be responsible for their consequences.

This week, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has reported that global emissions have reached their highest ever level. At the same time, in Bonn, some of the world's largest emitters have wasted too much energy in trying to move backwards rather than in securing progress. Hedegaard declares this is not just irresponsible. It is untenable for a UNFCCC process that wants to remain relevant - the only process the world has that everybody says they support.

There are plenty of arguments indicating that the real threat is not global
warming itself. The real threat comes when kleptocrats start playing with the
climate and with all of us. Environmentalism and global warming alarmism ask
for restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions, which would substantially increase
the costs of energy. This would be devastating, because cheap energy is the
source of much of our prosperity.

Hedegaard notes it is good that a significant group of developed as well as developing countries that share a wish to secure and deliver ambition in the end broke the deadlock in Bonn. But it is frankly too little and it is getting very late. Given the urgency of the problem, it is disturbing to watch climate negotiations moving at a pace that is clearly not going to deliver the necessary results in Doha. This is clearly in nobody's interest.

The Global Warming Dogma (GWD) asks for an almost unprecedented expansion of
government intrusion into our lives and of government control over us. They tell
us how to live, what to do, how to behave, what to consume, what to eat, how to
travel, how to spend our holidays and many other things.

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