Friday, September 21, 2012

[kitchencabinetforum] HOLLANDE AND LE PEN LOCK HORNS


Marine Le Pen calls for a ban on veils and skullcaps in public, leading to fears of an increase in religious tensions sparked by cartoons of Muhammad. Le Pen favors a ban on religious headgear in stores, on public transport, and on the streets, as well as banning Halal and Kosher foods from schools.

Islam requires all women to dress like zombies! Veil and headscarf are not welcome in Fourth Reich (EU), because they are symbols of women's subservience, repression, incivility, and an increasingly divided Fourth Reich. Veil and headscarf make women invisible, transform women to zombies, invalidate women's participatory rights, flag women as evil temptresses, oppress women with barbarity, are brands of misogynist Islam, and are a security threat.

Marine Le Pen has a modern image which appeals to many voters. Marine, the youngest of Jean-Marie's three daughters, took over the leadership of National Front in January 2011. The 43-year-old lawyer is more flexible than her father. She is trying to modernize the party and launch it in a libertarian direction.

Le Pen accuses Hollande of being far too lax with political and religious fundamental groups, saying that the country should restore law and order to gain the upper hand. But Hollande hoodwinks that everything that tears people apart, opposes them and divides them is inappropriate and we must apply the rules, the only rules that we know, the rules of the Republic and secularism.

Le Pen warns about the might of Fourth Reich. She declares that Frau Merkel and her friends, Van Rompuy and Barroso are in the final stages of creating a European Soviet Union. French are about to lose their status as a free nation. Le Pen calls for the reintroduction of the Franc.

Fourth Reich is an illegal confederation that has no voted constitution, a flag no one salutes, an anthem no one sings, a Fuehrer no one can name, a parliament of prostitutes, a capital of huge bureaucracy no one controls, a currency that soon will not exist, rules of fiscal behavior that no member has been penalized for ignoring, a commission which is the Eldorado of corruption, brutal cybercops, and kleptocrats galore! Ode to Joy is the anthem of Fourth Reich. It is based on the final movement of Beethoven's 9th Symphony, and it's used without lyrics.

Le Pen also accuses Hollande of stupidity for imposing 75% tax on millionaires! Rich French now wait for Scarlet Pimpernel to save them from the 75% income tax, the financial transactions tax, the huge stupidity of Hollande, the huge regulation, the 23% VAT, kleptocracy, and the cancer of socialism.

The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel, a secret libertarian society, rescues French from the daily executions of the Reign of Socialistic Terror. Legendary Scarlet Pimpernel took his nickname from the drawing of a small red flower with which he signs his messages. Scarlet Pimpernel helps corporations move out of eurozone.

Euroskepticism and the defense of French sovereignty remain central to the National Front's program. Marine wants France out of eurozone, and out of NATO. The National Front continues to fight against the subversion of the country at the hands of Muslims.

Le Pen supports Terry Jones of Florida, who has established September 11 as the International Burn a Koran Day! Jones declares Koran is a stupid unholy book of satanic verses, the main source of culture clashes, misogyny, polygamy, incivility, and holy wars. Mu-ham-mad is a mu ham gone mad (((:-{>

National Front is a massive protest party. Marine Le Pen makes herself out to be the defender of freedom, the separation of church and state, and the values of the French republic. Marine Le Pen speaks to all parts of society - not just the frustrated, elderly and poor, but also industrial and service-sector workers.

Le Pen fights against the Caliphate, the system of government established in Islam and represents the leader's unity of the Muslim Ummah community. It is an aristocratic theocracy, where the Caliph and other officials are representatives of the people and of Islam and must govern according to Sharia. Now Occident has been hoodwinked to support a global terrorist caliphate by encouraging Islamist rebels!

Al-Qaeda has as one of its clearly stated goals the re-establishment of the caliphate. Ayman al-Zawahiri seeks to restore the caliphate, which had formally ended in 1924 following the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire. Zawahiri believes that once the caliphate is re-established, Egypt would become a rallying point for the rest of the Islamic world, leading the jihad against Occident.

France-Fourth Reich relations have become increasingly similar to the Ballet de
la Merlaison, created by Louis XIII of France in the 17th century. In this
unique ballet, the king authored the work and played the leading role. All the
other roles in the ballet were considered extras, who eagerly danced to the tune
of the king.

As long as the king was still alive, this ballet was considered to
be the work of a genius. Hollande, who loves the Ballet de la Merlaison, asserts
France should play the leading role in Fourth Reich. But we all know that
France and all countries of Fourth Reich have become colonies of
Germany! Well, France is now the leading colony of Germany!

Hollande and Merkel are engaged in a waltz-hesitation. It's an endless back and forth that must often seem, to its anxious audience, deliberately designed to confuse. That
audience consists of the fifteen other members of the monetary union and, worse
still, the teetering financial markets. Hollande and Merkel need to have the courage to measure themselves against the great figures of European politics, such as Charles de Gaulle and Konrad Adenauer.

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